The Janet Group (Janet Ayurveda), Mount Lavinia

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The Janet Group (Janet Ayurveda)

The Janet Group (Janet Ayurveda)

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Janet Balasuriya opened her first JANET Hair and Beauty Salon in 1961 after graduating from THE CEYLON ACADEMY OF BEAUTY CULTURE & HAIR DRESSING. Since then she has been the driving force in the development and growth of the JANET HAIR AND BEAUTY GROUP to achieve market leadership in Sri Lanka.
Today, the JANET HAIR AND BEAUTY GROUP is Sri Lanka’s largest operator of hair and beauty salons and academies, in addition to retailing operations comprising of exclusive beauty & fashion boutiques. The trading division, markets Janet’s international brands of cosmetics and other personal care products, including JANET NATURE COLLECTION.

In the past four decades Janet Balasuriya as traveled widely, receiving training under leading international herbal therapists and institutes of natural therapy. Notably among them, THE ARNOULD TAYLOR ORGANISATION (I T E C – UK) – Britain’s leading herbal therapy educationalist, and Mrs Shanaz Husain – leading Indian exponent of Ayurvedic & herbal beauty therapy, Janet Balasuriya has also carried out extensive research in evaluating the effectiveness of the use of natural extracts in traditional Sri lankan Ayurvedic beauty formulae. Today, she heads the dynamic research & development team – consisting of Ayurvedic doctors, herbalists, botanists and eastern & western chemists at the JANET HAIR AND BEAUTY GROUP.

In addition to her highly successful endeavours in Sri Lanka, Janet Balasuriya has promoted internationally, the concept of traditional Ayurvedic and herbal beauty care, making presentations at conferences, trade fairs, on television and the print media in Singapore, Canada, Australia, Kuwait, Dubai, Indonesia, India, Maldives, etc. Today, she is a much sought after speaker on the subject in the region.

Since 1961, Janet a Balasuriya has been producing natural skin and hair care preparations on a small scale. In 1991 she embarked on a programme of research and development specially aimed at presenting a range of herbal beauty preparations incorporating Ayurvedic medicinal formulae and the latest advancements in western skin science.

Five years later, in 1996 the JANET NATURE COLLECTION – Health & Skin Care Range comprising of nearly 50 different herbal and Ayurvedic preparations for skin, hair and body care; was launched nationally. In a short period of six months from launch sales of this range achieved market leadership status in Sri Lanka’s herbal beauty care market.

Even now, sales continue to forge way ahead of the competition, local market share being well over 50%. JANET NATURE COLLECTION – is also the market leader in the Herbal Skin Care market in Sri Lanka, outselling all multinational brands. The brand has now entered the international beauty care market in enhanced organic enviro-friendly ceramic packaging & attractive gift packs; poised to capture global markets.

JANET NATURE COLORS - Janet’s range of colour cosmetics is also the market leader in Sri Lanka, outselling all the multi-national and Indian brands of colours, due to its high performance, high fashion range and also innovative marketing strategies adopted by the company.

JANT AYURVEDICS (PVT) LTD – a member of the JANET HAIR AND BEAUTY GROUP – was set up to develop & manufacture Ayurvedic healthy and beauty preparations for the international market. The production facility now in operation has the capacity to handle large volumes.

JANET AYURVEDIC (PVT) LTD is now a member of the International Aloe Vera Science Council U S A the Aloe Vera Industry’s highest rated professional organisation. Accordingly, the soon to be introduced JANT ALOE-VERA range is being developed to meet stringent I A S C requirements with a view to obtaining I A S C approval and “Certification of Purity & Aloe Vera Content”.

New natural Ayurvedic & Herbal preparations recently developed & marketed by the JANET HAIR & BEAUTY GROUP include advanced skin and hair care, therapeutic oils, vitamin and protein health food supplements health drinks & tonics, blood purifying tonics, pain relief balms, insect and mosquito repellents, vegetable & mineral body scrubbers and colour applicators etc.

Today, Janet products are marketed in France, Australia, Kuwait, Dubai, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Australia. Earlier this year Janet brands were introduced in Canada - marking Janet’s entry to the American markets. Other new markets to be entered in early 2003 include the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal and Netherlands in Europe.

The JANET GROUP looks to the future with confidence. As the world return to the east to re-discover the wonders of centuries old natural therapies, JANET is poised to offer discerning global consumers safe, effective, nature based product alternatives to enrich the quality of life Naturally.

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  • Address

    Level # 3, No 256, Galle Road,
    10370 Mount Lavinia


    +94-114 200022

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